Night of the Living Dead 1990…A Lost Classic

Greg Funk zombie Their are certain movies you can specifically remember the time and place when you saw them. One that will forever haunt me is Night of the Living Dead 1990. I saw this movie when I was around 10 or 11 years old at a Phar-Mor video store. My parents wouldn’t let my brother or I rent horror movies. So whenever we had the chance we would rent them while sleeping over at a friends house.

So when the opportunity came for me to watch it at a Rob Evermans house I jumped on it. I cant tell you if it was the modern day setting or the up to date special effects, but from then on I was fascinated and at he same time scared to death of slow walking zombies. Its just the thought that no matter what you do or how well you prepare, they will always be out there, growing in numbers and shambling toward’s whereever you are. The thought of a slow inevitable death also stays in your mind, there will come a point were you will run out of guns and food….but they wont.

NOTLD 90 is one of those rare remakes along with movies like The Thing, The Blob and The Pit and the Pendulum (yes, the one with Lance Hendrikson) that still hold up this day. I honestly still can not get enough of this movie. Between the amazing acting by Tony Todd and Tom Towles( I have never loved to hate someone more than Mr. Cooper in this movie, he is so awesome)this alone could have made the movie for me. Shit, I forgot to mention Bill Mosley even plays Johnnie for God’s sake. How do people dislike this movie again!?

Patricia Tallman does a wonderfull job portraying Barbara, one thing I liked about this retelling of the story was that Barbara didnt stay comotose the entire fucking movie, I thought in the original she was pretty much a wasted character. I mean, she went catatonic 10min in and stayed that way the whole film. In the remake she has trouble early on, but learns to cope with it and adapt to the situation, much like everyone else. She almost reminds me of Ripley in Aliens, how she becomes a badass at the end of the movie.

I was also glad to hear Romero helped out Savini during the movie. It gave me a sence that this wasnt re hash of a classic like alot of people were just throwing out. Savinis color remake of this movie shows how much people loved this movie. Everyone put forth such an effort to make this the best movie possible. I read an interview with Katie Finneran who plays Rose, she talked about how everyone was always asking Geroge and Savini when on the set how they should approach this or that scene and how people always asked afterwards if George would like this.

In the end its 98% the same story as the original only with a few nicely added surprises. A true lost classic to any true fans of the genre.

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