Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2….chili anyone?

TCM2 vhs cover            Remember when video stores use to have awesome cardboard displays for upcoming movies? I think it was only in the heyday of VHS tapes that those became so popular. I loved walking into a video store and seeing all the cool displays. The reason I’m saying this is because that’s how I first noticed Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.

            I walked into D Rose video (one of many classic video stores that have come and gone) on East Washington St. Browsing through the back isle of horror videos when I saw the cardboard stand. It had Leatherface tearing through some door with TCM2 in red lettering underneath it. Also when you walked by it, a sound of a chainsaw went off. I thought that was the coolest thing ever. So luckily they had a copy in, I also want to say I rented The Serpent and the Rainbow also. Either or both are awesome movies.dennis

            What I love so much about TCM2 is that aside from having Leatherface and the title, TCM2 is pretty much a stand alone movie filled with a lot of odd ball character’s  and awesome   gore effects. One of my favorite characters aside from Chop-top of course, is The Cook, also know as the Dad. Jim Siedow does an amazing job of being so weird and out there that at times I would say he overshadows Bill Mosley(Chop-Top). This is something very rare to do. Dennis Hopper is also in this film as Lieutenant “Lefty” Enright, who is a God fearing Texan out for revenge against the chainsaw wielding maniac who killed his nephew. Between Bill Mosley, Jim Sedow and Dennis Hoppers awesome characters, this movie really has a great thing going for it. Bill Mosley plays Leatherfaces side kick Chop-Top, a cannibalistic hippy that loves Iron Butterfly and has an iron plate on his head. I herd someone ask him at a convention if he had to pick between Otis B. Driftwood(House of 1000 Corpses) and Chop-Top, which is his favorite character to play. Bill said he would never tell, and he will take that to the grave. For some reason that stuck with me, I don’t know why but I found it kind of weird he wouldn’t answer.lefty2

            The set design was also very cool towards the end of the film. The underground caverns in which The Sawyer family lives looks like something out a macabre version of the Goonies

            Was it just me, or did Leatherfaces chainsaw have like a six foot bar on the end of it? When I saw him bust through that wall in the DJ station where him and Chop-Top where trying to kill Stretch. The sight of that massive chainsaw and the loud rev of the engine made my heart skip a beat. That and the fact you can see a baby’s face on his mask, which is really fucking creepy. You can thank Tom Savini for that, he designed the mask, he also sells and exact replica on his site.

            Actually I enjoy TCM2 more than the original at times, mainly because of how different it is. I love how Hooper just took a different idea and ran with it; I really think it paid off. Between the gore, comedy, outlandish characters, and a scene where “Left” drops several hundred in cash to buy an arsenal of chainsaws to duel with Leatherface late in the film, it’s a win.

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4 Responses to “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2….chili anyone?”

  1. This is one of my favorites. One of the earliest horror films I remember watching. I think I taped it off showtime when I was kid.

  2. jamesdunn81 Says:

    I always like how Dennis Hopper wore an extra set of chainsaw teeth around his chest like bullets.

  3. Tony Farrar Says:

    D. Rose is still in business down in Franklin, just south of the Walmart. He still has a good selection of stuff for sale or rent and will look for movies. I picked up I Spit On Your Grave, because I’d always wanted to see it. Now I realize it is literally the horror version of retards humping a doorknob. Like the site, keep it up.

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