The Video Dead (1987)

the video deadAhhhhh The Video Dead, how does one movie become so that bad that it turns into a classic? Well let me start off by saying that I didn’t think it was all that bad when I saw it as a kid. Actually anything with zombies in it freaked me the hell out. So I guess it kinda won me over right then and there. It was until watching it later on when I was a teenager that it showed me its true colors I guess.

Everyone has seen the classic b-movie (bad movie), hell, they show them all the time Friday nights on the Sci-Fi channel. But what sets the Video Dead apart from these other films is that its ridiculous plot, super cheesy dialogue and retarded acting actually work! Someone how all this melts together to make a good movie.

The story revolves around a brother and sister who movie into a house with a cursed television upstairs in the attic. The TV shows the same scene over and over where a couple of zombies are roaming around through the woods. This TV somehow also acts as a gateway that lets these zombies roam the woods adjacent to the house.cursed tv

All this leads to pure 80’s awesomeness as the brother and sister, along with the help of an “expert” try to deal with these zombies. There is one scene I thought was funny, when the brother Jeff is hanging upside down from a tree as bait for the zombies uses a chainsaw to fight them off. I’m telling ya, you just have to watch it. If you’re not sold yet, the ending has an extremely awkward dance/dinner party that takes place. Also, I found out the main zombie chick is Jennifer Miro who was the lead singer for the punk band The Nuns. I’m not sure if they are still around, but its a cool little fact.

video dead chainsawThe special effects were actually very well done. Each zombie has his or her own personality and unique makeup. Although the blue zombie reminds me of the one in Return of the Living Dead that calls for more paramedics.

I would defiantly recommend this movie to anyone who hasn’t seen it. Although its hard to find, I see bootlegs all the time at conventions. It’s totally worth the 5 bucks to pick it up. Give it a chance, I know you’ll like it.zombie tv

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