The Exorcist III (1989)

Exorcist IIISomething that always gets to me is how good movies get lost in the bad ones. For instance, no one remembers how Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors was a good movie. For the same reason no one remembers Friday the 13th part 7: The New Blood. They all get lost in the shuffle of bad sequels of run on franchises; this is the case with Exorcist III. This really upsets me since they each have a definitive place in their own franchise, and are not empty films.   

What Exorcist III does so well is keep a dark mundane tone that lets your imagination run rampant. What I’m trying to say is that they don’t show a whole awful lot, so you have to finish all these scenarios and play out certain things in your mind. I think it works more this way, always showing every little detail and all the blood and gore doesn’t necessarily make a film scarier. Actually, showing less has a better effect, and this film proves it.

            I don’t want to give you the whole story because I want you to see the movie, but I will tell you a little. An executed killer is given power by exorcist-3the devil to possess a priest. This isn’t all, but that’s a good place to start. The film also includes multiple red herrings through the feature to try and throw you of guard. This film also has one of the scariest scenes of ANY film I have seen. Now, a lot of people make statements like this all the time when talking about movies they enjoy, but I’m telling you the honest truth. Just keep a look out when the patrol scene in the hospital comes along. You will not be disappointed. This film is also a great adaptation of writer-director Blatty’s novel Legion, be sure to check that out also.

            Brad Dourif does an excellent job of playing the possessed killer. His tone of voice, mannerisms and eeriness he brings to the table is top notch. His adversary   Lieutenant William Kinderman played by George C. Scott does well complementing Brad and they go back and fourth. George C. Scott was also in an amazing movie called The Changeling and The Murders in Rue Morgue.

            Hallway SceneOver all I wish the movie got more credit for what it did. It brought back the Exorcist series and managed to step out of the fucking horrible shadow that was The Exorcist II. This is a task that no other film in a franchise has really done. After the horrendous film that was Exorcist II, I’m sure no one ever wanted to see anything aside from the first one, but Exorcist III proved good things does come in threes.

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