The Ninth Gate (1999) Johnny Depps best movie….

ninth_gateKaren and I were discussing the other day what movie we wanted to watch, we kept going through movies and movies and not really finding anything that stuck out to us. Then Karen  said something along the lines of, “Well, there is always The Ninth Gate.” After that, it was pretty much official. The Ninth Gate would be the movie of the night.

            Certain movies you can always watch and get the same feeling every time you watch them. The Ninth Gate is one of those films, at least for Karen and me. This movie is finely constructed and slowly guides you into a world of dark mono tone colors. Maybe this is why the movie the movie is so easy on the eyes. I would “dare” to say this one of Johnny Depps best films.Corso

            The movie follows a book dealer who specializes in rare books, and his pursuit to find an ancient book written by Lucifer himself. Frank Langella plays Boris Balkan, the man who originally hires Corso(Depp) to authenticate the remaining copies of the Ninth Gate, the book written by the Devil. One of which is already owned by Balkan. To Corso this sounds simple, track down and authenticate these books to whom which Boris Balkan said to acquire through any means necessary. Sounds easy enough, turns out Corso begins a journey into a world he knows very little of. Wojciech kilar composed the music for the film and really captures the evil and unsettling world that Corso has to enter.

            the bookOne thing I love about this movie that it does so well is surround you will the supernatural evil of the circles Corso travels in order to obtain these books. It’s not hard to imagine these people and groups really exist. This makes it all the more unsettling.

            Depps character Corso starts off as a man who you really don’t want to root for when the movie opens. Then half way through something changes and you feel compelled for him to find his way and uncover the truth behind these books.The deal..

            There are some many little undertones and symbolic meanings that even after repeated viewings I still find little things here and there. I was reading a review by Chris Alexander and he talked about the doors in the movie, how every time Corso walked through them they seemed to be already opened or ajar somehow. He never seems to use the door knob. Which if you have already have seen the movie, adds another line of undertones that makes the film that much more in depth.

            So please, if you hear people taking about there favorite Johnny Depp movie, or how much they like him as an actor, bring up The Ninth Gate. See if anyone else knows about it outside of these circles.

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2 Responses to “The Ninth Gate (1999) Johnny Depps best movie….”

  1. I didn’t care for this movie that much. Lots of build up for a lackluster ending, I thought.

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