Return of the Living Dead 3 (1993)

return of the living dead 3This is yet another classic film I rented at Phar Mor, I think. That’s something I miss about old video stores, it was an event in itself to find the movies that called you from the self. Walking in and saying hi to the guy or gal behind the counter. Start your trip around the store taking in new displays, coming soon movie posters and going through every row of videos. Once you have your selections you go to the counter, bullshit with the clerk about movies, buy some candy and be on your way home. That’s something else, video store clerks use to know everything about movies, directors, actors, genres, sub-genres, soundtracks…..they knew their shit! Now if you walk into a Blockbuster you’ll be lucky if the clerk can even ring you up right. Man I miss the 90’s.Curt and Julie

Now back to the film at hand. Return of the Living Dead 3 is more of a straightforward horror film than the dark comedy movie that was Return of the Living Dead 2. Curt Reynolds and Julie Walker are a young couple in love. Curt’s father is Col. John Reynolds, a scientist working on a top-secret project at a nearby military compound. When Curt steals his dad’s security pass and sneaks Julie into the base, they discover that the project involves bringing corpses back to life using the powerful gas Trioxin(which is something I need to get my hands on), responsible for events in the previous films. The military hopes to use the mindless, flesh-consuming zombies as weapons, but the experiment goes gruesomely awry. Later, Julie is killed in an accident on Curt’s motorcycle when she gets ejected and wrapped around a telephone pole. So the grief-stricken boyfriend brings her to the base and exposes her to the gas. You can take it from here.zombie Julie

first zombieThis movie brings to the table something other zombies film haven’t, which is a possible relationship between Curt and post mortem Julie. Even after she becomes one of the living dead they still care for each other, which add I think, another dimension to the film. Something else this movie excels on is blood and gore, lots of it! The special effects are top notch and still hold up to today’s standards. A couple of mentionable scenes are the spinal column rip and the Julies self mutilating body modifications.

zombieAnother point of interest is the first zombie we encounter in the movie has become an icon of sorts. He’s the one being experimented on the facility early on in the film. His face has become a recognizable symbol of the film. His face has graced allot of artwork and die hard fans of the film even have his face tattooed on them, along with post mortem Julie. I don’t know why but his scary thin attributes do kind of stick out, though I have never understood how he got so popular. In all it’s a good flick, be sure to watch this with your significant other. Remember true love never dies…..although girlfriends do.

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