The Serpent and the Rainbow (1987)

SerpentandtherainbowThe Serpent and the Rainbow is not a history lesson about Haiti and Voodoo, but a very scary and creepy horror movie that happens to get some of the details about Voodoo right. That is part of what makes The Serpent and the Rainbow so scary. There is just enough truth and historical accuracy to make the “Voodoo” attacks convincing. Even the special effects are…well Im jumping ahead of myself.

  The Story stars Bill Pullman( I will always remember him as the president inserpent-rainbow Independence Day) as Dennis Alan, a Harvard researcher sent to Haiti by a pharmaceutical company to investigate the “zombie” legend and any possible connection it might have to a rumored drug that could be used as a new breed of powerful anaesthetic. Once on the Caribbean isle, Alan is aided by a good voodoo priest or and his daughter, who runs a local clinic. Alan’s search also pits him against an evil priest, Dargent Peytraud. Peytraud also controls the Tonton Macoute (the Haitian secret police), who are involved with soon to be deposed dictator “Baby Doc” Duvalier. The Serpent and the Rainbow was based on the book by Wade Davis. Which sadly I have yet to read, but I have so much other shit on my plate, one day I will get around to it.

serpent-and-the-rainbow-coffin-bloodLike I was about to say before, the special effects are awesome. Since Bill Pullman is often attacked in his dreams the visuals and situations can cross the line of reality and still be very realistic. Like when Dr. Allen is being pulled in the ground by a rotted corpses, the effect works. But for the true horror aficionado, and especially for long time fans of Wes Craven, this is one his many straight foward approachs that has propelled the director to the top of the genre.

The Serpent and the Rainbow is an all around great horror film, both believable and downright scary, I believe what it excells at is its ability to come off as very realistic in certain ways. Though this film is often neglected or passed over by the majority of horror fans, although another viewing will probably earn a spot in the collection of any serious fan of horror. And it’s a must own for Wes Craven fans.Voodoo


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