At Midnight I’ll take your Soul (1963)

AT MIDNIGHT I'LL TAKE YOUR SOUL (COFFIN JOE)Let me just start off by saying that Coffin Joe is an evil man. He is a rapist, grave defiler, murder, satanist, womanizer and a necrophiliac, and that’s just the first movie in his trilogy of films.

At Midnight I’ll take your Soul opens with its star, Coffin Joe, staring into the camera and looking none too impressed with what he sees staring back at him. He delivers his personal philosophy, just dripping contempt and malice, in a few short sentences. Then we’re treated to a very unsettling credits sequence. It’s mostly flash-forward clips from later in the movie, but it’s done to a soundtrack of screams that seem to come from the depths of the inferno, and the text is animated in cool and off-kilter ways. One thing Marins does both here and in This Night I’ll Posses your Corpse is use the credit sequence to establish mood, and after this one I was ready for an unusual and disturbing flick.at_midnight_ill_take_your_soul-3

Coffin Joe is the diminutive and malicious (but strangely charismatic) undertaker of a small town in Brazil. Though small, he’s scrappy, and when he gets mad no one can beat him in a fight. After winning a card game and finding his opponent too slow to turn over his winnings, Joe breaks a bottle and severs the man’s finger with it in a surprisingly gory scene. There are also bloody beatings galore, as Joe does his best to justify the peasants’ fear of him.Coffin Joe

But they’re less afraid of his physical prowess than they are of his blasphemy. In a comical-to-us-now but doubtless shocking scene to staunchly catholic early-60s Brazilians, Joe orders meat on a Friday and, laughing evilly, chews the leg of lamb while penitents go by on their way to church. Later in a barroom brawl he uses the crown of thorns off a bust of Christ to disfigure the face of his opponent! This man is blasphemously bad to the bone, and doesn’t care who knows it.

at_midnight_ill_take_your_soulCoffin Joe does allot more horrific stuff, but I will let you watch it for yourself. This film really stands up well, even though its dated. Although this was Brazils first horror film, “The more you Know” it hasn’t stopped Coffin Joe from making more jaw dropping films. Be sure to check out the other films in the trilogy. After watching them you never forget the name of Coffin Joe….ever.

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2 Responses to “At Midnight I’ll take your Soul (1963)”

  1. I’m surprised that something this overtly violent would come out in the 60’s. I mean, there are tons of great horror movies that came out in that time period, but nothing that was just outright bloody. But then again, this is a foreign horror film.

    • jamesdunn81 Says:

      There is so much shit out there that 90% of people don’t know about. That’s unless you search out and find the films.

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