Battle Royale (2002)

battle_royaleLet me start off by saying I was blown away by Battle Royale the first time I saw it. So much so that I watched it again that same day. There were so many details, things you don’t catch the first time you watch it. It is truly a unique experience for any first time viewer. Throw in action, black comedy and a fantastic story….well you have something that can never be duplicated.

The movie goes as follows, Japan at the start of the new millennium. The country is in a state of chaos, violence by rebellious teenagers in schools is completely out of control. The government hits back with a new law, BR(Battle Royale). Every year a school class picked at random will be cast away on a desert island to fight it out among themselves. The rules are simple, it lasts three days, everyone gets water, food and a weapon and only one may survive. S0 when the movie starts off a class on a school trip is kidnapped. When they wake up, their angry teacher Kitano tells them that the collar around their necks monitors their position and can be caused to explode remotely at any moment. So begins Battle Royale.Battle_Royale 1

The bottom line is Battle Royal is a fantatic movie. It really is one of those rare films that does everything right and will stand the test of time. This is probably one of my top five foreign horror films.

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