Eyes Without a Face (1960)

eyes without a face posterThere is a lot of buzz online lately about the recent resurgence of French horror films. Beginning with 1990’s Baby Blood and continuing to, most recently, Martyrs (which is a film you MUST SEE if you have’nt already) France has been a powerful weapon against the almost constant onslaught of remakes we’ve been getting over here in the states. While the recent remake slate feels like nothing more then a soulless attempt by everyone and their mother to make money off of our mom and pop video store memories. These more personal and character driven French movies are doing their best to fill the screen with more then just blood and guts. They are trying to fill our heads with real ideas, great characters, and , most importantly, interesting and compelling stories.

Insert our film at hand Eyes Without a Face. The face of the daughter of a brilliant plastic surgeon is horrifically scarred in an automobile accident.  The doctor makes her pretend to be dead until she can be cured; she floats about his Gothic mansion wearing an expressionless face mask, accompanied by the howling of the dogs her father keeps in pens to perform skin grafting experiments on.  When several pretty young girls go missing, the police and the girl’s fiancé start to suspect the doctor.eyesless

This movie is quite simply, a miracle of filmmaking. It’s what happens when everything goes exactly right. Pacing is breezy and steady keeping in line with the films of the period, but it plays more like a drama then a horror movie, which was pioneering at that time. What shocked me the most about it is that the surgery scenes were able to make it past the censors of the time, as they are pretty horrific and graphic. For fans of the recent films heading our way from France, this film gave us a small glimpse of what was yet to come.

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