Movie Request of the Week: The Car (1977)

The Car posterWell, well, well…we start off the first ever movie request of the week with a surprising good flick, 1977’s The Car suggested to us by Phil Cook who wrote us through the site. Before we get to the movie, let me thank everyone who wrote us here are Murder Legendre and sent us messages on Facebook. We had quite a few good suggestions and allot of bad ones, but thats what this for, any movie you want us to sit through we will. Now lets get to the movie.

A murderous car wreaks havoc on a small Western town in this thriller that has gone on to achieve a small degree of cult status in spite of its own silliness. After a pair of bikers and a horn playing hitchhiker are viciously mowed down, local police realize they have a motoring maniac on their hands. In a show of boldness, the mysterious black automobile kills the sheriff on the town’s main street, leaving the post to officer Wade Parent (James Brolin, who I was surprised was in this flick). Brolin is the perfect lead for this kind of movie and he’s joined by a great supporting cast. A supernatural element enters the picture when the car motors through a parade practice, but refuses to enter the hallowed ground of a cemetery. The Car was still a greatly enjoyable, above average horror film. Watch it with Death Proof and Christine for a triple bill of auto terror!

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