Phantasm 2 (1988)

phantasm 2 posterWhats the secret to any good horror movie? Well, you take a story about an undead time traveling, dimension jumping villain called the Tall Man, who bleeds embalming fluid. Throw in a 1971 Plymouth Hemicuda, a welded four barreled shotgun and some floating alien orbs with enough cutlery in them to fill up an entire gun and knife show. If thats not enough, throw in a chainsaw duel! That sums up what a cool horror flick would sound like.

Phantasm II to this day, remain one of my all time favorite films. It’s probably beter know as one of the most reconisable series of films in the genre. S0 I figured why not talk about this movie to go along with the DVD release later on this month. Even though its a bare bones release with hardly any extras. Fans are still foaming at the mouth(me included) to get my hands on one.reggie

It is seven years after the first movie. Mike is now an adult and still having visions of the Tall Man. His old pal Reggie and he jump in their muscle car and track the Tall Man to Perigore Oregon. Mike has been a patient in a mental institution for the last decade, insisting that the Tall Man is real; he still appears in his dreams ten years after their first encounter. When Mike changes his tune and says that the undead undertaker was merely a hallucination, he is finally released. However, Mike and his best friend Reggie (Reggie Bannister) are actually out to find the Tall Man and put an end to his habits of grave robbing and draining people’s bodies with his flying silver orbs. As they search for the Tall Man, Mike encounters Liz, a woman who has also appeared in his dreams, and she claims that she too has been pursued by the Tall Man.thats why you keep your mouth shut

This movie has so much going on for it its not funny. For the longest time there have been talks of remaking the films in the series. Making them the Star Wars of the horror francise was the goal, which would of been amazing. Some quick little knows facts about the movie. Don Coscarelli has some many awesome extras he is sitting on, its a damn shame none of them will be making it on to the dvd. Including a Rated X version of the film and some audition footage of an unknown Brad Pitt trying out for the role Mike Pearson. Actually the new issue of Rue Morgue has an article talking about the dvd relase of the film, which I highly recomend you check out. Add to FacebookAdd to DiggAdd to Del.icio.usAdd to StumbleuponAdd to RedditAdd to BlinklistAdd to TwitterAdd to TechnoratiAdd to FurlAdd to Newsvine


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