The Burning (1981)

the burning posterAh yes, that great slasher cinema feeling. Tom Savini was given a mere 3 days to come up with effects for our killer, and it shows. The Burnings setting is an old camp site, and teenagers are getting killed off in brutal murders. Sounds like a Friday the 13th rip off, and you know what? It sort of is in a way. A good idea, and a lot better looking than “Sleepaway Camp” but who cares right? This stands on its own as a cool looking, great slasher film.

A camp caretaker, Cropsy, is minding his own business at Camp Blackfoot.  He is sleeping while a bunch of young punks are planning one heck of a prank.  They have a human skull, lit up with candles, right beside his bed and when he wakes up, he’ll be scared to death.  Everyone will have a great laugh and Cropsy will feel like an ass, but they didn’t realize that he would be that scared, jumping out of bed, knocking down a gas can that was in his room for some reason and becoming engulfed in flames.  The prank went horribly wrong and now he is in the burn ward of the hospital, completely burnt from head to toe, and wants revenge badly.  He is returning to Camp Blackfoot…with hedge clippers.The Burning cospy

This movie is slow moving in the beginning, but when it gets moving, it really moves, and you have to give Cropsy credit for choosing a unique weapon that isn’t that easy to operate if you are using it to kill some one.  Hedge clippers are a pain in the ass to use on bushes let alone chopping somebody to ribbons, so our murderer has some talent.  The death scenes are also memorable, especially the multiple kill on the canoe, where Cropsy takes out a group of kids.  I also love the catchphrase that they used to promote the movie: “A brutal horrific act made him kill and kill and kill.

cospy burningNow this movie is not the greatest slasher of all time, but it is not a bad movie.  The ending is great considering just how excessive it is, and the movie delivers overall.  It is one of the slasher in the woods stories that were so big in the 1980s and if you are a fan of those sort of films, you will enjoy this one very much.


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