Trick R Treat (2007)

Trick r TreatEvery once and awhile you stumble across a movie that is absolutely amazing. This film is very much going to be revisited every Oct 1st and Halloween night, its that damn good. Even though this film is still fairly new, it’s already a coveted classic. From story telling, visuals, and acting it keeps you entertained and interested in whats happening. Trick ‘r Treat is nothing short of those, and Karen and I are glad that it has finally been released.

Trick ‘r Treat brings us four different stories that are all intertwined in some way. Within the small town where the story takes place, Halloween is a big thing. It seems like all of the towns people celebrate and have their own Halloween traditions and beliefs. However, breaking or even disrespecting those traditions can result in some deadly consequences.

The four stories within this movie are so very interesting that each one could probably carry its own movie. Michael Dougherty (Writer & Director) did an amazing job at keeping them long enough that your get the point, but also conveying the affects of the actions for the people involved.School Bus

Each story (”The Principal,” “The School Bus Massacre Revisited,” “Surprise Party,” and “Meet Sam”) carries its own twist. From murder, toying with the special needs and dead, and breaking a simple Halloween tradition all carry consequences and they will eventually come back to haunt you.

It is honestly hard to try and pick a favorite out of the four because each one is different. They all express different aspects of Halloween that everyone has been told or even experienced once.

SamI will say that Dylan Baker’s character of Principal Wilkins was one of my favorites. Also, Anna Paquin and Brian Cox’s carried their characters and stories. Oh, and I can not forget about Sam and after watching this film you won’t forget him either.

Trick ‘r Treat is a great way to get into the spirit of Halloween and maybe have you stick to tradition because you don’t want that little footed pajama sack head wearing kid showing up on your door. It will also make you second guess the candy you get from Trick ‘r Treating and if you run into a stranger that night.


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