Inside (À l’intérieur) 2007

inside posterInside (À l’intérieur) is one of the most exciting, disgusting, provocative and original horror movies ever penned and put on the movie screen. Never will a viewer’s hand come up to their mouths or eyes more than when viewing Inside. The first time I saw this film was at Horrorhound Weekend here in Indiana, as part of the film festival presented by There I sat in a room full of horror fans who had seen just about everything there was to be seen. After the film was finished, everyone got up speechless and quietly left the room, we were all left horrified as to what we just witnessed.

Inside’s gruesomeness is akin to the remake of The Hills Have Eyes’ infamous “Trailer Scene” multiplied and sustained throughout Inside’s entire last two acts. In many sick avenues, it actually trumps the “Trailer Scene”. Writer/director Alexandre Bustillo and director Julien Maury should be given whatever horror award is applicable for going into the outer reaches of taste and on screen morality, destroying convention and horror compliancy in their wake. The viewer will constantly be surprised by the exquisite, extreme level of violence and squirm gore that would make any gorehound or reader of the popular Eyeball magazine cringe. There are one or two moments in The Devils Rejects where the viewer may think of the worst thing that could happen and then they actually see it happen on screen. In Inside, the viewer, possessing a creative (or demented) mind, will undoubtedly have this occur to them multiple times. This is especially the case because of the film’s pregnant protagonist Sarah (Alysson Paradis). Inside saraThere are many things the viewer may think will not, could not happen to Sarah because of the baby in her belly. They all happen and then some. The antagonist, La Femme (Beatrice Dalle), acts as though she could careless that Sarah is pregnant and going to give birth the very next day. As it turns out, La Femme cares a great deal.La Femm

Alexandre Bustillo’s Inside is one of the most devastating and disturbing horror movies every made. It sits towards the top of the horror tower peaked by The Exorcist, cradling unimaginable sequences most films stay away from and never approach. With that said, thats why us here at Murder Legendre love this film, and in our hearts and the hearts of man others this film in an instant classic. You have been warned, enjoy!


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