Dr. Giggles (1992)

dr-giggles-horror-movie-posterOkay sure, it’s incredibly cheesy, campy and full of overused slasher clichés. But damn it, I still love Dr Giggles. Always have, since its short theatre run in 1992, and always will. There’s something truly special about this underrated, yet entertaining gem, even if the story is all too familiar.

We begin our tale as Doctor (though his actual medical education as well as ethics are highly questionable) Evan Rendell Jr., the son of an infamous serial killer doctor, escapes from a mental institution to make his way back to his home town Moorheigh (pronounced more high, gotta love teen slasher movie humor) to avenge his father’s death at the hands of an angry lynch mob years before.

Played to absolute maniacal perfection by veteran actor Larry Drake, Dr Rendell is perhaps the funniest horror villain I have ever seen, touting hilarious medical tinged tongue-in-cheek hokey horror quips throughout the entire duration of the film. Here are some examples:

1. Before cutting a horny teen’s private area, he says ‘I hope you have protection’

2. He tells an arresting cop ‘have a heart’ before chucking one at him

3. He says ‘time to do what doctors do best’ before grabbing a golf club to bash someone with.Dr giggles mouth

As for many horror films made before the year 2000, Dr. Giggles follows the nightmare structure (aptly named because it turns everyday situations and people into brutal killers, delivering the viewer the nightmare question of, “what if that happens to me?”).

Dr. GigglesWith flicks like these, I love that you can watch them alone or with people and they are still awesome to watch. Movies that don’t take them selfs so serious are hard to come by these days in the genre. Everything seems to be based on either real life events, found footage type films or inspired by actually events. I long for the time when movies can go back to being fun. But for right now, I’ll just re watch Dr. Giggles….again.


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