Episode 6 is up! Our Holiday Episode plus we talk about our favorite Vampire movie of the year Let The Right One In


2 Responses to “Episode 6 is up! Our Holiday Episode plus we talk about our favorite Vampire movie of the year Let The Right One In”

  1. Tony Farrar Says:

    Guys, with all due respect, I did not like this film at all. This is one of two films that Harry Knowles promoted on his website that I bought into and did not like at all (The other being Time Crimes which…ack). I did read the book….after seeing the film. Here is where I feel the movie failed. First the kid playing Oskar….I haven’t seen a weaker protagonist since Charlie Bucket from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. The kid is getting bullied by kids who look like Dolly Parton. My main beef (with the kid) is the fact he gets hit with a switch….anyone who has ever been hit with a switch (especially in the face) doesn’t play dead like Jody Foster in a pinball arcade. You scream….like the devil. I think the interaction between Oskar and his mother was too simplified. As was the relationship between Hakan and Eli was too rushed. It would have been nice if they elaborated on Virginia as well. And where was the alcoholic father? Things I did like about the movie were the effect where Eli goes from 12 yr old to 80 when she snarls. The actress who played Eli did a spot on picturing of the girl from the book (I also thought in the movie they downplayed the androgeny for the sensibility of American audiences who would automatically cast Eli as a girl from her feminine posture and name. Americans obviously not considering Eli to be male nomencalature, but we made that mistake before; see “Nikita” by Elton John). The movie gets 2 outta 5 stars only on the strength and maturity of Lina Leandersson’s performance alone. I do agree with you, the final scene was a bit of brilliance, you knew what was happening without having to see it. If they are remaking it, it would be stupid NOT to cast Lina as Eli, let Dakota be Oskar.

    • jamesdunn81 Says:

      Thats perfectly fine that you dont agree with us. Our job is to shed a light on films we think people should check out, and or have been missed over the years. We are by no means critics, just die hard fans of the genre that think certain flicks should get a second viewing, or for some people (hopefully allot) a first. With that said, watch Near Dark, if you don’t enjoy that movie…..then we have some issues to discuss. 🙂

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