Initiation 1984

The past couple of weeks I have taken it upon my self to watch an absurd amount of slasher flicks. I will be posting a couple of noteworthy ones here in the next couple of days.  But to start it off, I want to mention this lost classic I found call Initiation. This film really does take in every aspect of a classic slasher flick.

Take a central female character (Daphne Zuniga) with a dark and mysterious past, put her in a college with a load of fellow sex-starved students and then take those students and lock them in a shopping mall for the night with a madman on the loose. That’s pretty much the scenario of this film, if you’re looking for something more profound then you’re in the wrong genre. What you have here, to cut it down to basics, is lots of teens having sex, goofing around and getting slayed one-by-one. There are better examples of the genre, but this is enjoyable. There’s really nothing new here, but the ending caught me out, I have to admit. I really hadn’t figured that one out, not that I’m going to give anything away, you’ll just have to find out for yourself!

Oh, there’s plenty of gratuitous nudity, bad dialogue and reasonable gore (though not excessive) to keep most trash fans happy. Though watching this flick will only make you appreciate the other classics even more. It is pretty hard to find on the dvd shelfs now a days, but if you do manage to see a copy. It’s worth the five dollar pick up.


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