The Walking Dead!

God it feels good to be back! First off I want to apologize for our absence, it has been a rough couple of months for us here at Murder Legendre, but the bottom line is that we are finally back to business, and friends, business is good! We actually celebrated our one year anniversary Aug 1st! So thanks to you guys who have wrote us emails and told us how much you enjoyed what we do here. Without you guys this tiny horror blog wouldn’t be possible. So enough the bullshit! Let’s get down to business!

I’m sure most of you already know by now about a little comic called The Walking Dead, and how amazing it is. For those of you still living under a rock, I suggest you run out NOW and start reading the hardback books to catch up on what honestly is the best thing to happen to zombies since Romero.

The thing I love the most about The Walking Dead is how Robert Kirkman understands what makes a zombie apocalypse so great. He uses real characters with real emotion. How we follow the main characters and see them change in this harsh and unforgiving world just shows the best things about humanity and the worst. I don’t want to give to much away about it if you haven’t been reading since the beginning. But let me just put it this way, when you finished watching a Romero zombie film and wondered at the end, I wonder what happens after the fly away in the helicopter? Or, so what else happens to any of the survivors. Well, The Walking Dead is just that. We start a group of characters at the start of this…this…uhhh lets just say situation and follow them all the way through. It’s honestly some of the best zombie fiction of all time.

When it was announced a while back that AMC would be adapting The Walking Dead into a TV series, I about shit my pants. I thought to myself either this is going to be the best thing ever, or the worst thing ever with no in between. Well the good people at AMC have set up a blog which shows just how spectacular this show is shaping up to be.

Karen and I are working on a podcast to follow this up. So please keep checking back with us here at Murder Legendre and also check out AMC The Walking Dead blog to show your support! OH! I forgot to mention KNB FX will be doing all the visual effects. If you were not sold before. You should be now. Included at the bottom is the short trailer they just recently showed at this years Comic Con. Which they also cut back since Comic Con is family friendly, expect allot more violence and gore! Enjoy!


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