Authors you should know: Brian Keene

A couple of years ago my brother and I (like always) began talking about our plans for the up coming zombie apocalypse. This quickly lead to talks of our favorite zombie flicks, directors, fast vs slow zombies (slow zombies all the way) and different zombie books we have read. He mentioned reading a book called The Rising by Brian Keene (, he said it was one of the most horrific books he has read and highly recommended it to me. Of course I took him on it and and read it. The book was amazing! The premise of the story has to do with a dad traveling to find his son in the zombie apocalypse. I won’t get into it much further than that for I have a bad habit of ruining things. The book also has a sequel called City of the Dead which is just as good as The Rising.

Now granted this was a couple of years ago when I read those books. Last week at Half Priced Books (that place is a treasure trove of all kinds of great shit!) I came across a couple of Brian Keenes other books. Remembering how great his other books were I decided what the hell, I will pick up a couple since I loved the fuck out of  The Rising and City of the Dead. I ended up buying Urban Gothic and Darkness on the Edge of Town.

When I got home and dove into them I couldn’t stop. I finished one in one night and the other the next. Think of Urban Gothic as something like this. Take Wes Cravens The People Under The Stairs and run it through the ultra violence of the film Inside and throw that into The Decent. It sounds crazy but it is an amazing read.

In all I highly recommend you check out his work. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future a couple of his books en up becoming movies. I would seriously rank his work up there with Stephen King and the violence and macabre of Clive Barker.  Rue-Morgue magazine said he was “One of horror’s most impressive new literary talents.” Which is something to be very proud of. So please do yourself a favor, before October is over go find one of his books and dig into. I promise you will not sleep well that night.


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