Murder Legendre plans for 2011 and future

I know, I know. I haven’t been on here in what seems like forever but thats because I’m about to make some serious changes to this blog. First off I have been working like crazy (as always) but working on a couple of side projects that I think in time will really take off. One of which is 40ozofHorror! A new podcast site I started with my buddy Chad. We drink allot, talk about horror flicks and beer. It’s just like what we do at every horror convention except now we do it every weekend. A podcast for fans by fans, nothing is better than arguing about scary flicks and whatnot while throwing back some cold brew. It’s great.  Another is called Late Nite Creature Feature, it was started by another friend of mine Shannon. He is bringing back classic monster movies in a big way! I’m very excited to be helping him out with this and I look forward to helping how ever I can.

Now onto my baby Murder Legendre. Murder Legendre was started by my wife and I as a way to talk about our favorite horror films and lost movies that people didn’t really talk about. As time went on it became increasingly harder for us to keep up with it on a regular basis. So what to do? Well, I’ll tell ya. Murder Legendre will live on as just my blog for now. Posting cool flicks I find, rants and raves and other odds and ends I think people would like to read about. As time moves on I want to turn Murder Legendre into my own f/x company. I have been doing makeup/effects now for a couple of years and want to take this passion I have for it professionally. I love make up and practical effects and seriously want to pursue a career in the field. So thats where I see Murder Legendre heading into the future. So until next time check out and Late Nite Creature Feature on facebook. I hope to still hear from all you guys and gals and like George Romero always says, stay sacred.


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