The Walking Dead panel at Comic Con 2010

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There is a couple of parts to this but very much worth it to watch. Enjoy!


The Walking Dead!

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God it feels good to be back! First off I want to apologize for our absence, it has been a rough couple of months for us here at Murder Legendre, but the bottom line is that we are finally back to business, and friends, business is good! We actually celebrated our one year anniversary Aug 1st! So thanks to you guys who have wrote us emails and told us how much you enjoyed what we do here. Without you guys this tiny horror blog wouldn’t be possible. So enough the bullshit! Let’s get down to business!

I’m sure most of you already know by now about a little comic called The Walking Dead, and how amazing it is. For those of you still living under a rock, I suggest you run out NOW and start reading the hardback books to catch up on what honestly is the best thing to happen to zombies since Romero.

The thing I love the most about The Walking Dead is how Robert Kirkman understands what makes a zombie apocalypse so great. He uses real characters with real emotion. How we follow the main characters and see them change in this harsh and unforgiving world just shows the best things about humanity and the worst. I don’t want to give to much away about it if you haven’t been reading since the beginning. But let me just put it this way, when you finished watching a Romero zombie film and wondered at the end, I wonder what happens after the fly away in the helicopter? Or, so what else happens to any of the survivors. Well, The Walking Dead is just that. We start a group of characters at the start of this…this…uhhh lets just say situation and follow them all the way through. It’s honestly some of the best zombie fiction of all time.

When it was announced a while back that AMC would be adapting The Walking Dead into a TV series, I about shit my pants. I thought to myself either this is going to be the best thing ever, or the worst thing ever with no in between. Well the good people at AMC have set up a blog which shows just how spectacular this show is shaping up to be.

Karen and I are working on a podcast to follow this up. So please keep checking back with us here at Murder Legendre and also check out AMC The Walking Dead blog to show your support! OH! I forgot to mention KNB FX will be doing all the visual effects. If you were not sold before. You should be now. Included at the bottom is the short trailer they just recently showed at this years Comic Con. Which they also cut back since Comic Con is family friendly, expect allot more violence and gore! Enjoy!

Clip of the Day! Cutting Moments 1997 *WARNING* VERY DISTURBING!

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The film Cutting Moments is a short film from the movie Family Portraits: A Trilogy of America which includes (Cutting Moments, Home and Prologue) This is one of the most disturbing clips I have seen. Enjoy!

Clip of the Day! Friday the 13th part 5: A New Beginning

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Yeeeeee ouch!

Slaughter High 1986

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Ahhhhhh Slaughter High, a slasher flick through and through! This is a flick that really took me back. Here is the setup, Marty ( Simon Scuddamore) is a high school kid that has no luck. His nerdy appearance makes him an easy target for a group of popular teens at Doddsville County High. One April Fool’s day, brunette bombshell Carol (Caroline Munro) comes onto Marty in the girls locker room. Marty of course falls for it, but soon finds himself naked in front of his tormentors as they video tape and chant “Where’s the beef?” and dunk him head first into the toilet. The torment doesn’t stop there, later they give him a spiked joint in which he smokes and then leads to a horrible accident in which the school lab goes up in flames, leaving Marty severely burned.

Ten years later, invitations are sent out for a high school reunion with everyone to meet at the old school, the only thing is, the ones who use to pick on Marty are the only ones invited. After waiting around too long for others to arrive, the restless group breaks into their old abandoned school where they party and reminisce about their glory years. It doesn’t take long for them to realize that they are not alone and it was no coincidence that only they were invited. Soon, they begin to drop one by one at the hands of a vengeful Marty.

Slaughter High is a vastly over looked film but not for good reason: I remember this being hard to track down actually. Well, aside, it still kinda is. With inventive kills like the one I call the “beer drinking gut burst” or the “electrocuting orgasm bed” and with a decent amount of gore for it‘s time, this film could find a whole new audience if re-released today. It may be a tad too slow at times and the ending is sure to leave you with more questions than answers, but the fun factor never fades, making this flick worth your time!

Initiation 1984

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The past couple of weeks I have taken it upon my self to watch an absurd amount of slasher flicks. I will be posting a couple of noteworthy ones here in the next couple of days.  But to start it off, I want to mention this lost classic I found call Initiation. This film really does take in every aspect of a classic slasher flick.

Take a central female character (Daphne Zuniga) with a dark and mysterious past, put her in a college with a load of fellow sex-starved students and then take those students and lock them in a shopping mall for the night with a madman on the loose. That’s pretty much the scenario of this film, if you’re looking for something more profound then you’re in the wrong genre. What you have here, to cut it down to basics, is lots of teens having sex, goofing around and getting slayed one-by-one. There are better examples of the genre, but this is enjoyable. There’s really nothing new here, but the ending caught me out, I have to admit. I really hadn’t figured that one out, not that I’m going to give anything away, you’ll just have to find out for yourself!

Oh, there’s plenty of gratuitous nudity, bad dialogue and reasonable gore (though not excessive) to keep most trash fans happy. Though watching this flick will only make you appreciate the other classics even more. It is pretty hard to find on the dvd shelfs now a days, but if you do manage to see a copy. It’s worth the five dollar pick up.

The Crazies (1973) aka Code Name: Trixie

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George A. Romero, whose career has now spanned more than 40 years, is much more than just “the godfather of zombies.” He’s an overtly political filmmaker whose films comprise a veritable scrapbook of the times in which they were made. But I don’t want to spoil your fun. He’s also a pulpy, subversive madman who delights in giving us blood and gore to make the real-life horrors he feeds us more visual. The horror of racism goes down easier when hungry zombies ease the pain; the horror of war goes down easier when hungry zombies ease the pain; the horror of a consumer driven society feeding on itself goes down easier when, well, hungry zombies ease the pain. His 1973 film The Crazies contains echoes of horrific events such as the Vietnam War, and the betrayals of the Nixon presidency. But, here, Romero’s not in a giving mood. There are no zombies, or anything else, to soften the blow

Thinking about government soldiers breaking into your house at night while you are asleep while wearing specter white hazmat suits and World War II esk gas masks is creepy enough to get your skin to crawl, but thats just one visual Romero shows in this underrated movie. The simple, pastoral life in Evan’s City ( Which is mention in Night of the Living Dead, remember that Evan City was five miles from the farm house in NOTLD 1990), Pennsylvania, is totally destroyed when a government-engineered biological weapon is accidentally detonated outside of town. An extremely contagious virus, code-named Trixie, has been released. When a person catches “the bug,” as it’s called, the best-case prognosis is incurable, violent insanity. Before the townsfolk know what’s happening, their sleepy little hamlet has been invaded by the army and martial law has been declared. Though the government hopes to find an antidote, it’s quietly understood that the whole town will most likely be destroyed to contain the contagion. As the public panics and begins to fight back, it becomes harder and harder for the occupying troops to tell who is and isn’t infected.

Normally, movies so “of their time” seem dated when viewed decades later, but The Crazies manages to sidestep this hurdle because its themes still hold true today. Romero seems one director who’s medium truly hold true with the passing of time. Let’s just hope he can’t see into the future, a world run by zombies is one thing….a world run by scary dressed government agents with engineered biological weapons is another. Wait…….